My name is Nike Winata …

I am a mother and a wife more than anything ….

My passion for cake decorating started when I realized that cakes have now evolved from just a simple party necessities to elaborate edible works of art that have definitely taken the rightful place in the party and become the center stage.

The breathtaking presentations rapidly came to my attention. With the aid of the Internet, books, and magazines, I have learned many styles and techniques in use today….. Next thing, I started making cakes for friends and friends of friends and so on.

In 2010, iCakeDesign was born to handle the demand for unique and marvelous confections . It specializes in custom cakes made especially for you. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to create the cake of your dreams. I just want to see you smiling when you see the cake I made for you :D I do put lots and lots of efforts and thoughts into my cakes :D and love too :D hihihihi^^

Designing to complement the theme, Exceeding expectation with detail, Taste to perfection are my goals.

I would like to thank my awesome family and friends for their support. Follow me on Facebook and leave a footprint (comment) if you like….I am always grateful for your time and friendship.